Welcome to JustChocolate.eu – A wide and innovative range of the finest chocolates coming from all over the world. Take a look at some of the finest chocolate combinations.

The collection is divided into 9 geographical variations (Costa Rica, Ecuador, Papua New Guinea, Peru and Uganda in dark chocolate – Costa Rica, Vanuatu and Venezuela in milk chocolate – Dominican Republic in white chocolate) plus an alternative on organic chocolate basis. Whether you opt for the presentation in colored tubes of 150g or gift packages grouping 4 tubes of your choice, you’ll be seduced by a modern and dynamic packaging with a logo and a clear color themes.Read more about us

In short a few important topics:

  • Different products and descriptions
  • A wide range of Origin Chocolates
  • Brand new BIO products
  • Original gifts and presents

As customers take a more holistic view of the food they eat, there is a growing proportion from whom purity and natural authenticity are key issues. Organic products are increasingly popular and we have added this BIO chocolate to our range to meet the demand.
All ingredients we use in the manufacture of our exclusive organic products are 100% organic. The cocoa, cane sugar and vanilla are cultivated without fertiliser or chemical products. Only milk from animals fed with organic food and threated with homeopathy, phytotherapy or aromatherapy is used. Also only vanilla from ground vanilla sticks is used. Read more about BIO chocolate

To expand this exclusive range of origin chocolates we have created several combinations that can be declined in 10 different gifts. Indeed! Our gifts are made to let you choose the best combination that suits your needs. Each gift can be combined with one, two or four JustChocolate tubes of min. 150g filled with delightful and exclusive origin chocolates.
A nice and original way to surprise your guest after a well served diner, a nice way to say ‘thank you’ to your collegues,… Justchocolate products can be combined with several surprisingly outstanding products like: Cognac 40% (V.S.O.P.) from Grande Champagne in France, Pineau des Charentes from the same region, the wellknown Bagnyuls, wine, etc… Read more about our gift combinations